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Rowe Motors Privacy Statement

We Truck Towing Company NZ LTD Trading as Rowe Motors, when necessary will access Personal Details from the MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTER for the sole purpose of contacting the rightful owner of a vehicle stored at our premises when all other avenues have been exhausted.

This is undertaken by trained and authorised TTC NZ LTD staff only, in accordance with the current Privacy Act (refer and in compliance with terms and conditions outlined and imposed by the NZ TRANSPORT AGENCY for access to the MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTER for personal information.

Information obtained is not disclosed to any third parties.

Transaction records of obtaining information from the Motor Vehicle Register along with the purpose for accessing the information, will be held here on site, with the sole purpose of assisting the NZ Transport Agency with any auditing processes, and to be made available to the NZ Transport Agency upon their request.