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Vehicle Recovery  β€’  Off-Road Recovery  β€’  Winch Trucks

Rowes offers a reliable, efficient and professional Salvage and Recovery service.

If it is a digger that has rolled down a hill or submerged in a swamp, a Truck and trailer that has rolled and  gone over a bank, a vehicle sitting in a river at the bottom of a gully, Rowes has the gear and equipment to Salvage and recover it.

With fleet of small recovery vehicles and six heavy duty Winch Trucks in the fleet, two of which are six wheel drive units, along with a Posi-Track with heavy winching capacity for those tighter spaces, Rowes boast the most serious winching power in the country for carrying out recovery’s in the most demanding terrain.

Recovery and Salvage works include the following but are not limited to:

βœ”  Rolled Machinery
βœ”  Burnt Machinery
βœ”  Submerged Machinery
βœ”  Crashed Cars
βœ”  Crashed Truck and Trailers
βœ”  Winching Machinery and Plant into position
βœ”  Winching Trees and Bridges out of Rivers
βœ”  Assisting Arborists with tree felling and tree topping                    

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